Christian songs that were on the Billboard 2019 list

The Christian songs are undoubtedly sweeping even in the secular world, since some of them even remain competing on the Billboard list, even, from the list you will see below there are some of them that have been maintained for up to 30 weeks in the list. So, let’s see what those songs are:

1 – Who you say I am | Hillsong Worship

This song of the Australian group Hillsong remained for a 56 weeks on the famous Billboard list. On YouTube it has almost 100 million views in a year.

2 – Only Jesus | Casting Crowns

This band formed by a pastor has sold more than ten million records and this song has lasted 33 weeks on the Billboard list.

3 – Best News Ever | MercyMe

24 weeks on the Billboard list. This song also belongs to the famous movie “I can only imagine”.

4 – Resurrecting | Elevation Worship

This group was created in a church called Elevation Church in North Carolina. Now this band fills stadiums and this song was ten weeks on the list.

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