Toby Mac produces Christian song after his son’s death

The renowned Christian Hip Hop singer Toby Mac, who last year lost his son at home for unknown reasons, said he had no plans to write a song about this, since many of his songs are based on events, but, the writing of this song titled “21 years” made him in one way or another to express the pain and sadness.

The artist expresses through this song the promise of God the Father that one day we will be with Him, that his son is in the arms of God and that for the moment he is in his heart:

Is it just across the Jordan?
Or a city in the stars?
Are you singin’ with the angels?
Are you happy where you are?
Well, until this show is over
And you run into my arms
God has you in Heaven
But I have you in my heart
I have you in my heart

In a recent publication Toby wrote:

«Writing this song felt like a sincere confession of the questions, the pain, the anger, the doubt, the mercy and the promise that describes the journey that I am probably just beginning. The rest is coming. One thing I know is that I am not alone. God did not promise us a life without pain or tragic death, but He promised that He would never abandon us or abandon us. And I am keeping that promise. both for my son and for me ».

Although Toby has expressed that his heart is broken into a thousand pieces, he hopes that one day he will see his son in heaven. An event like this is very painful, but how good it is when we understand that nothing is the fault of God, but that it happened because God allowed it and we must accept what happened.

Hopefully God will strengthen this family with his Holy Spirit.


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