He wanted to threaten his life but everyone sang this Christian song

Recently in Brazil an incredible and even miraculous event happened, and it is that a 43-year-old man wanted to jump off a building, while a whole crowd encouraged him not to do so. He was in one of the windows of the building where he lived.

The fire captain explained that this man suffers from schizophrenia and believed that someone was chasing him. Then the man decided not to jump from the building when a crowd expressed praise, good words and sang Christian songs, one of them was “Rarity” by artist Anderson Freire. Part of the song says:

“You are a mirror that reflects the image of the Lord. Don’t cry if the world hasn’t noticed you yet. It is enough for God to recognize your value”.

Glory to God because He did not allow this man to end his life.


All glory, power and praise are from the Lord
Don't do this when the praise group sings

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