Don’t do this when the praise group sings

There are many really annoying things that people do while the worship group is singing and that in one way or another affect the excellence we want to give the unique and eternal God.

We can begin our article with the following biblical verse said by the apostle Paul:

Let all things be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14:40

Some brothers may take this as “we want to kill the spiritual”, but that is not the case, since everything we offer to God must be with excellence, because it is for someone Superior to any important person we will receive, for example, if you receive the president, how would you receive him? The truth is that you would try to do your best, now imagine God, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

What things are annoying at the time of praise? You can go thinking and writing in the comments what you see in your church, since different denominations use different instruments to worship the Lord, but as for our experience we can tell you about certain brothers who at the time the praise group is exalting the Lord, they begin to play a tambourine out of time from the seats, disturbing the rhythm of the music and creating distraction in the auditorium.

Other thing that is wrong is leaving and entering the building at that time, secreting each other, touching the palms out of rhythm, etc., and so there are many other things that deconcentrate, therefore, the church as such should be responsible for reducing that kind of things to be able to give our best to God, and not belittle anyone, but among ourselves, with weaknesses, learn how to give the best to the Creator.

He wanted to threaten his life but everyone sang this Christian song
In the night his song shall be with me

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