Donald Trump: “God is the source of all blessings”

On the official site of the White House of the United States, President Donald Trump left a few words about Thanksgiving, words among which he mentioned several times to God.

Trump started with the following words:

On Thanksgiving, we remember with reverence and gratitude the abundant blessings that our Creator gave us, and we commit ourselves again to share in a spirit of thanksgiving and generosity with our friends, neighbors and families.

It should be noted that since the year one thousand seven hundred, the declarations of each president of the United States on Thanksgiving are very famous, putting God at the center of everything. But according to some sources, the past mandate was the exception when former President Barack Obama said that God was not the first thing we should give thanks to, but to thank each other. But, this Trump speech was completely different, since he mentioned God about six times to be exact.

Trump also accompanied his words with incredible lyrics exalting God’s providence for each of us:

As we meet today with those we appreciate, thank God Almighty for the many blessings we enjoy. United as one people, in gratitude for the freedoms and prosperity that thrive in our land, we recognize God as the source of all good gifts. We ask for protection and wisdom and opportunities on this Thanksgiving Day to share with others some measure of what we have received providentially.

Friends, the truth is that God is Almighty and that all we can share is because has come from the powerful hand of God and we give glory to God for it, and it is good to see how Trump understands and knows that everything we have comes from only and true God.

Sing to God, sing
We will praise You forever

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