Origin of the Christmas song “Oh holy night”

The original title of this carol is “Minuit Chrétien”. The writer is Placide Cappeau, who was a French poet known for writing this famous Christmas carol.

It is said that Placido wrote this poem while riding in a carriage to Paris. It was composed in 1847 with the music of Mr. Adolphe Adam. This carol was also composed for soprano and piano, and was traditionally sung on December 24 at midnight.

This Christmas carol refers to the birth of our Lord Jesus, and has been versioned by many singers of the current era.

Without a doubt, this is a beautiful song that tells us about how the world lived in full darkness, waiting for his Savior Jesus, and that that day Jesus was born was a divine night, that everyone had to prostrate and worship because the Savior was born.

Let us sing with joy, not only at Christmas, but every month of the year, because the Savior was born, who saved us and gave us life together with Him. Oh holy night, the Savior was born!


We will praise You forever
Great is God, and worthy of being greatly praised

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