Islamists sue Porta dos Fundos for mocking Jesus on Netflix

Recently the topic of a Christmas special that produced the company “Porta dos Fundos” for Netflix has been discussed, which has caused much discontent of the Christian public, and it is not for less, since in this special they present Jesus as gay .

Some practitioners of Islam have sued the company Porta dos Fundos, as they consider this special as a mockery and offense. For us to enter into matter, for those who practice Islam, Jesus is a prophet and must be treated with respect. This is why they will sue the company that produces this Christmas special.

The president of the national association of Islamic jurists stressed that national law preaches respect for different religions, so the “right of expression” should not void this right.

They have also asked all citizens to denounce the Christmas special, regardless of their religion, telling them that freedom of expression should be for everyone without exception.

They concluded by saying that they will seek the best judicial means to confront said company and Netflix to curb the lack of respect, being united against any disrespect that is carried out against any religion.

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  1. The Bible speaks about false representations of the truth. We as believers must know and face the ugliness of the flip side of untruthful doctrines. I Applaud The president of National association of Islamitic jurists for fighting what they believe is wrong

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