This Netflix movie portrays Jesus as gay

Netflix continues to add content that offends the Christian faith. We already saw it with the movie Mary Magdalene, where Jesus and Mary Magdalene have an affair. Well now it happens that the Brazilian comedy channel Porta dos Fundos has launched a Christmas special where Jesus is portrayed as gay.

Undoubtedly this is a lack of respect for Christianity and each one of us who practice it, and in a world in which we live, where everything irrational is supported and what is rational is thrown overboard, we know that if it was a series speaking against homosexuals Netflix had even published it. But we see, this world tells us about “equality”, but about an equality that exists for only one group. So, let’s look at this as a persecution of Christianity.

This Christmas special is a total blasphemy towards the name of Jesus and Christianity, a mockery on our faces. In it even shows Jesus coming from the desert with a boyfriend.

And now what … Cancel Netflix account?

Recently, Brazilian pastor Joel Theodoro talked about the matter through an article on the Christian page Voltemos ao Evangelho saying that he has decided to cancel his Netflix subscription because he sees this as a serious insult to the person of Jesus.

Pastor Joel said the following:

I realized that something was happening beyond the tolerable Christian perspective, and this led me to unsubscribe from Netflix, which released some videos co-produced with a group called Porta dos Fundos, whose content is generally of false and irreverent humor, commonly marked by much sarcasm, and that has specialized in being morbidly acidic with respect to the themes of Christianity.

This pastor made it clear why he decided to cancel Netflix:

When moving from mappers to video producers or co-producers who clearly mock the faith of others, especially Christ, the services are no longer compatible with me and my home, since I understand that the monthly money I pay represents part of the money used In this project. A Christian would go from being a client reserved to a sponsor of the madness with which they treated the Christian faith.

And in reality he has not been the only person who has canceled Netflix, since many Christians have made the decision to do so. And as we see, there are a million signatures asking Netflix to remove this Christmas special. What will the famous streaming platform do about it? Well, I really would not hesitate to say that the Christmas special will stay there, in the same place.

Fabio Porchat says he will solve it with God

Undoubtedly, the main actor of the special, who is the person who plays the role of “Jesus” spoke about it through his Twitter account:

In english:

People, you can let me solve it with God, that’s fine, you don’t have to worry. Now you can become indignant again with the inequality that destroys our country. But you have to be outraged with the same fervor, okay?

If something true has said Porchat in all this is that it will be resolved with God, that is something too real. But, it is not enough to silence us and not talk about it.

What do you think about this? We are interested in knowing your opinion.

Great is God, and worthy of being greatly praised
A Psalm to ask God for direction

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2 comments on “This Netflix movie portrays Jesus as gay

  1. When I heard this on a news channel, I UNsubscribed from NETFLIX that same evening. They cannot do this and use money from me to promote this garbage.

  2. I also canceled my Netflix because I am very offended. Jesus gave his life that we may have eternal life, he deserves the most high praise and not to be mocked or scorned. One day every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that he is Lord! Yes, even the mockers!
    We accept that people don’t share our christian faith or respect our Christian beliefs. However when people want us christian’s to accept their life choices, We aren’t entitled to have an opinion and we’re expected to except it and go along with it. If anybody stands up or speaks out about it in a negative way or not excepting that it’s ok then we’re subject to riots and are being condemned and ridicule for standing up for our God given rights! Who cares for our rights?
    Saying that to say to, Netflix and Hallmark and any one for that matter, it’s not ok!

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