We will praise Your name forever

With hands raised to heaven we will praise His name from above, we will give Him honor and glory, because He is good and has been good forever and ever.

Only in Him will we glory because His joy will always be our strength, and that is why we give praise to Him, because He is always attentive to help us in all difficulties. But remember that we should not praise Him only in bad times, but all the time, because He is great because of His power and His majesty that is powerful, because He lives and reigns on high.

In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah.

Psalm 44:8

O peoples, let us all rejoice in Him and in His divine holiness, all the time let us praise His glorious name because He is good with all His children and with all those who enter His paths, because all who enter His paths will walk confident and secure.

We must give Him day after day to give our best praise, because God has always raised us from our worst moments. Let us exalt His majesty on high, worship His name because His very Word says that we were created to praise His name.

And as Psalm 150 says, everything that breathes must praise God. May all together with one voice say how good God is, how good His works are to each one of us, because we are blessed to have a God who loves us and has compassion on us. Let us give glory to God because there is no other like Him.

So I will sing praise to Your name forever
Sing of His mercies for ever

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