People accept Christ in movie theaters: Overcomer movie

“People accept Christ in movie theaters”. Have you ever seen this, people giving their lives to Christ in a movie theater through the premiere of a movie? Well, this is what happened with the premiere of the Christian film Overcomer, which was released in Brazil recently.

Overcomer is a film produced by the Kendrick brothers and has broken a box office record, ranking number one in every movie theater in the country. According to some reports, in the four hundred rooms in which the film has been presented, they add 100,000 people and many of them have accepted Jesus. It is incredible!.

This movie has caused something like a “revival” because of the wonderful message it has.

A Baptist church also brought some people as guests, and the most surprising thing about this is that at the end of the function more than one hundred of them accepted Christ.

The producer and protagonist of Overcome assures that all this is due to the message of hope that the film offers, since in its premiere it has shown how many come to Christ.

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