Yours is praise, oh God

Psalm 65 was written by King David, the situation for which he wrote it is unknown, but due to the thanksgiving he makes with respect to cattle and grain, there is the possibility that it was written for the festival of Harvest.

The psalmist begins this Psalm highlighting that praise belongs only to God:

Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Sion: and unto thee shall the vow be performed.

Psalm 65:1

Knowing or recognizing that praise belongs only to God is something that every Christian should recognize in his life. This statement exalts God as the only true God, therefore, the only one deserving of our praise, and that praise must be the best.

The word “yours” used in this verse comes from the root meaning to be “mute.” Simply put, praise will not always begin with loud voices or music, we can also give praise to God without words, simply mute before Him, amazed by His might, by what He does.

We are also mute because we know that we are so impure before Him that we simply cannot find words to express. Imagine for a moment that great day when we stand before Him, what will you say? Do you think there are words at that time to give glory to Him?

Praise is uniquely and exclusively from God, so let us give worship only to Him.

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