More than 2,000 people accept Christ after Kanye West concert

Lately on social networks the conversion to Christianity of the famous Kenye West has sounded, who has just released his first Christian album entitled “Jesus is King”.

This does not stop there, since the artist made his first concert after the premiere of his new album, a concert that some claim was a tremendous success, including about ten thousand people and half of them were unconverted people.

It is said that at that concert it seemed as if he were in a church, since he began with incredible adorations that exalted the name of Jesus, there was also great humility that accompanied this activity from beginning to end.

This concert was also accompanied by a preaching at the end, to which two thousand people accepted the call to receive Jesus in their hearts. This activity was even compared to one of Billy Graham’s crusades.

It only remains for us to pray, and ask God to transform the heart of every person who is out there without Christ. Pray for Kanye West, beloved brothers, that Christ may continue to enliven his heart with a genuine gospel and that of those who follow him.

Kanye West claims to be the best artist that God has created
I give my song to the King

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2 comments on “More than 2,000 people accept Christ after Kanye West concert

  1. This is something very great kayene west took upon his self to do,giving all credit to the greatest,is what slot of other celebrities should have in mind,instead of promoting all the material ,flashie stuff which is a big part of lower provety/as well as average,failing, especially increase in crime/people don’t have it doing anything to get it cause how media flash it seems that it’s a crime to focus on reality,what makes sense,the true purpose of life

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