We will sing and rejoice all our days

My prayers I raise to you Lord every day, hear my prayer, bless me, fill me with powerful mercy my God, You who live and reign forever I surrender to You, I give to You my most sincere adoration, bow Your ears and listen to all my prayers that day to day I make to you so that You may be merciful and may I see your mercies around me.

Oh Lord how I will not sing to you Psalms from the heart if You are a strong and brave God, you are deserving of my best worship. That’s why I’m not tired of praising you, of telling you how important You are to me.

Day by day I will sing of Your great power and love, in the morning I will look for you with longing, I will seek you for Your sacrifice on the cross for Your good works, I will give thanks to You, I will only exalt You, because You oh God, You have saved me .

Every day make yourself a beautiful prayer to God, sing to Him with love, look for Him early, sing of His beauty made by Him, say how important God is for you. Recognize Him because He is good, for His goodness towards your life, give your worship only to Him, He is deserving of your best exaltation.

O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

Psalm 90:14

We must ask the Lord that day after day His mercy accompanies us from early, that since we rise from our beds, that beautiful praise be on our lips, honoring the Savior of our souls, because all we have and will have we owe it to He.

Do not forget that this song must be good, and with love towards our God, because if He knows how to do His best, we should also give Him our best.

I give my song to the King
I will praise You with all my heart

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