I will praise You with all my heart

As a child we are taught the Word of God and songs that are centered in the same Bible, that fill us and teach us about the greatness of the Lord, how we should sing to Him.

We must worship God with new songs as are His mercies, which accompany us day after day.

Put Your heart at the Lord’s disposal, to sing of His great love, to give Him the glory and to express to Him that He is good and wonderful, that is why His name is blessed.

He must be exalted through His creation, worship Him with a true feigned adoration but out of the soul, God is God and therefore must receive all the best from us.

I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.

Psalm 86:12

The name of God must always be exalted by all His creation, that everything that breathes on this earth and even the deepest part of the abyss will worship God. The sea and its inhabitants, the heavens and everything that flies there, and everything that is in the field created by God must surrender to great majesty and honor His name for ever and ever.

Who like You oh my God? You are my powerful God who has never lost a battle, so I will praise You because You are good with all Your creation, We will give you songs with joy. With joy we will say “my castle, my fortress and my shield, because my livelihood comes from You my God, to You I will exalt with songs saying alleluia”. God lives and reigns with power, every nation give songs and exalt the Name of the One who made the heavens and the earth, to Him we give all glory, all the gods and kings of the earth bow down before Him offering worship only to Him.

We will sing and rejoice all our days
Praise the memory of God's holiness

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