Maiara, from the duo with Maraisa, says that she found God listening to Gabriela Rocha

The singer Gabriela Rocha participated in one edition of Só Toca Top of TV Globo and listened to an emotional testimony of the country music artist Maiara, who is doing a duet with Maraisa.

Initially, the singer made a compliment to the artistic gift of Gabriela Rocha, and then declared that through the songs of the gospel singer had a moment of brokenness.

Maiara commented excitedly: “Look, your voice takes us anywhere in the world, we were in a script here to ask many questions, I changed everything, the moment I went to pass my text …”

The country singer added: “I did not know you, I met you yesterday, I was with a friend of mine, Paulinha, passing the text, and she asked me if I did not know you and I said no, in the race of the road, of life, sometimes we felt alone and you made me know God, find Jesus”.

The testimony continued in the midst of tears: “At that moment I did not know more, I mean you entered my life.” You saw that at the moment I met her in the hall, I was excited, “she said, mentioning a meeting with Gabriela Rocha before the recording of the program.

Finally, the singer stressed that Gabriela Rocha’s work goes beyond talking about religion: “You unite people, family, and are taking the name of God and hope for all.” I was very happy to meet you and I hope that everyone know more about Gabriela Rocha”, concluded Maiara, to the applause of the audience.

At the end of the testimony, Gabriela Rocha wished that Maiara “could feel this love every day” and recalled that the Bible already foresaw the difficulties faced by all people: “Jesus said: ‘Look, in the world you will have difficult days.’ He did not say that our life would be perfect, he did not say, ‘Look, calm down, it’s going to be quiet.’ He said ‘you’re going to have difficult days, but I’ve beaten the world and you will win too.’ “

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