Dwayne Johnson overcame failure by trusting the true Rock: Christ

Dwayne Johnson, highly known for his character “The Rock” in wrestling and for his films, was not always the successful person we see on television.

Dwayne Johnson’s father and maternal grandfather were fighters. His father’s name is Rocky Johnson and his mother Samoa. Dwayne Johnson’s life is full of failures, we give you a brief summary:

He grew up in a home in Hawaii where there was no stability and he was arrested several times for fighting, theft and forgery of checks. They were forced to leave Hawaii. Then he became a football player and got a scholarship as a defensive tackler of the University of Miami. He graduated as a criminologist, but dreamed of being an NFL star.

Not being recruited, he went to Canada to try the Calgary Stampeders. For two months he survived eating Ramen noodles and slept on a mattress he found in the garbage of a sexual motel. He played in the Canadian Footbal League for 200 Canadian dollars a week and was fired after two months. After that moment he forgot to be an NFL star. He only had seven dollars left in his pocket.

He had to live with his parents again in a small apartment in Tampa, Florida. He fell into depression. At that time his father was a professional fighter and Dwayne Johnson also opted for that same career. But unlike his father, Dwayne Johnson was a success as a fighter.

“The Rock” was loved by the wrestling public in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. After eight years, he started in the acting world and caused a lot of sensation with the movie The Scorpion King (2002). His film career died while making family films.

In 2007 he loses his wife’s trust and they divorce. Fall back into depression. By 2008 and 2009 even many of his friends let him alone. Then he found God, in which he deposited his faith to move forward. As a result of this encounter with God, he put aside family films and released the following successes: Jumani II, Fast and Furious, Rampage, Hercules and Earthquake: San Andreas Fault.

Currently Dwayne Johnson is valued at 280 million dollars: “In 1995 I had seven dollars in my pocket and I knew two things: I am bankrupt and one day I will not be”. He has a new son with his girlfriend and his ex-wife is a manager. Dwayne Johnson continues to seek God: “I used to pray to God for things I thought I needed. Until I realized what I needed, I already had it. Family and God”.

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  1. This guy is a total joke and an idol/icon, whom we must stay away from as vigilant christians. God was putting him to the test and he failed! He failed so bad that he joined the illuminati; which is turning your entire back on God and his sons holy sacrifice for our sins! This is only in here to mislead you! Do your research because this guy is scum of the earth!! EVERY celebrity is!! He makes jokes about eating babies and small children, pedophile jokes, and he’s gay! He tried to make Kevin Hart his wife!!!

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