Lauren Daigle releases new music video showing God’s happiness

In this video you see the happiness of God through this new video made by the Christian singer Lauren Daigle.

This video shows the love and the good message that is emitted through it. This video was made from God’s perspective as we see the music video.

Lauren Daigle released her first official music video for her new single, titled “Rescue.” These lyrics were analyzed by the artist. By watching the video we can notice the happiness that is heading towards a rescue for all those in need of God.

This was Lauren’s purpose, to carry a good message through this new video, this message was made with the objective of rescuing us from any situation that arises along the way.

This video was filmed in Alaska by Lauren Daigle singing the song with a variety of stunning views, according to her Instagram account.

Lauren has always focused on rescuing people so they can follow Christ just like her, that’s why this song was made from various points of view, because there are different difficulties within people as well. And this was the objective of this song to be released in this way. The singer Lauren at the time of making this song did not think only of her, but did so thinking about the needs of people who are outside of God.

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  1. I love this Artist, beautiful songs,one of my favorites,you say ,and Loyal.She one of the Beauty’s knows true meaning of Life🥰😘🧜

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