Poll: “It’s not music that keeps people in the churches”

When a member has to decide between staying in a congregation or leaving for another, the music or the entrance of a new preacher are not very important aspects that are taken into account when making that decision, since, according to a survey, the majority of Christian people base that decision on doctrine or theology.

Probably nowadays many people who listen to modern songs want to sing those ancient hymns that used to sing years ago, likewise, if we go back to the old hymns there will be another group that will want the modern hymns. According to LifeWay Research, people probably will not leave their church because of theme of the “worship style”.

So, if music is not the main reason why people leave the church, what is it? We leave the following survey that determines why most people change congregations.

In the survey, respondents were presented with different options to select all that apply, why they would change their congregation. The points presented were: Friends who stopped attending the church, conflicts with someone, change in musical style, do not feel needed, differences in political views, a family member wants to change, a pastor that left, the style of preaching changed, moved residence, change of doctrine in the church.

Only five percent would leave their current congregation because of the subject of the music; nine percent would do so for not agreeing with the political views of the church; 12 percent if a pastor leaves. But the majority, 54 percent, would change their congregation if the church they attend changes their doctrine.

Certainly, theology plays a very important role in our congregations, and also most of the conflicts that we suffer today as a church are due to theological issues that never end.

Theology tends to have an impact on people, unlike music.

So, let us know in the comments for which of these causes selected in the survey would change the congregation.

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