Jeremy Camp’s wife’s death continues to impact millions

As we saw in a previous post, the Christian singer Jeremy Camp will release a film about his life and the loss of his first wife.

Jeremy Camp had to see his first wife go through the terrible process of ovarian cancer disease and be reunited with our Lord Jesus Christ just less than a year after they got married. Jeremy Camp reveals that many songs we have heard from him are based on that struggle, on things God has told him and on the difficulties.

This is why Jeremy Camp stated in a recent promotional video that he still can not believe that God is still using this tragedy to reach the masses. Before her death, his wife said, “Jeremy, if I die from this cancer, but even a person who gives his life to Jesus would be worth it”. Jeremy now notes his amazement at how God uses devastation and loss for good. Jeremy Camp says:

I can tell you, literally, when I see hundreds of millions of people who have said ‘this story has touched my life and your life has touched mine’ would not be an exaggeration. God used this and I have had the honor to share this, through my trials and tribulation how God has been so faithful. I can not believe that there are still ways to make this happen on a larger scale.

Jeremy Camp directed a devotional during the filming of the film and in it he said he can not imagine having gone through that loss without having Jesus: “I would have been a mess, but He gave me life and I knew that He was the only source of life so I ran to Him wholeheartedly. And now here I am 18 years later and we’re on the set of a movie and we’re going to share about that hope, how God was faithful and He was good, I trusted Him and He’s trustworthy. So you can trust Him with your life”.

At present, Jeremy Camp has been married to Adrienne for 16 years and they have three children. Adrienne has been his biggest support over the years and has helped him to tell Melissa’s story.

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