Jo Dee Messina says that Jesus saved her life

The country singer Jo Dee Messina who is present in the tops of the Billboard, said that Jesus visited her on her porch. The singer had been diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and saw her future uncertain due to medical bills and how her career was crumbling in front of her.

Jo Dee Messina, who has been number six times in the top one of country singles, was not only struggling with her physical health, but also with her mental health when her ten-year marriage to Chris Deffenbaugh ended in divorce.

Messina continues with her struggle, but the most important thing is that her faith remains firm and that is exactly what maintains her. Her encounter with Jesus five years ago is what keeps her faith strong. In an interview with PopCulture she stated: “Jesus Christ walked in front of my porch and argued with Him all day”. As real as I am sitting in this seat, Jesus came in front of my porch and He like, “She is mine.”

Messina continued explaining that she was trying to sustain her career, to have a lifestyle and her family, all with her own strength and she could not, until that day that Jesus visited her. Then she added: “I only knew, in the middle of that, in the middle of my spirit and my soul, I’m like, ‘That’s Jesus'”.

After that, Messina knew that she needed more. She knew the story of Jesus, but she knew that she really did not know Jesus. She needed an intimate relationship with God.

Then, moved by her encounter with the Holy Spirit, Messina recorded the song “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury. See recorded it so that this message can be heard in all areas. She hopes that her new music will be received positively.

Messina ends by saying: “I spent my entire career, my whole life glorifying myself, it’s time for Him. He gets the glory from this point, when you go through a hard time in your family situation and you’re diagnosed with cancer, and you do not know what that is going to stay in that corner, and you have Jesus’ arms there, holding you. You’re never going to want to get away from that”.

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