Christian Movies 2019

In this 2019 several Christian films will be premiering soon. These films will stimulate the faith of Christians and non-believers.

This is a strategy that is used so that more non-believers can know the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in truth this is a good method to reach more people so they can know God.

1- The Least of These

It tells the story of missionary Graham Staines and his children, who helped a community of lepers in India. This film was premiered in the United States on February 1 and arrived in India on March 1.

2- Heavenly Deposit 

Based on a true story. It began to premiere on February 10. It tells the story of a boy who lost his father, and because of this loss he stopped believing in God. But later the boy grew up and became a proud actor tired of so much work. The story tries to tell how this artist had an encounter with God.

3- Run the Race

It is being released since February 22. It tells the fictional story of two brothers who lost their mother and faced difficult times in the school where they attended, because they were alone because their father had abandoned them. One of them becomes successful in sports, but an injury ruins his career as an athlete and is where he knows the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

4- XL – The Temptation of Jesus Christ

This film began to be released from March 6, and, as the name implies, talks about the temptation of Christ in the desert.

5 – The islands 

Its premiere was on March 22 and it talks about the life of a Christian queen who lived more than 200 years ago in Hawaii. The impact of her conversion was so great that she brought Christianity to all the Hawaiian islands.

6 – Breakthrough

It premiered on April 17. It is based on the Christian novel “The Impossible” by Joyce Smith. It tells the story of John Smith, son of the author, who fell on a frozen lake while playing with his friends and then falls into a coma. The faith of his parents makes him come back to life.

7 – Overcomer

This movie is by the same creators as “Fireproof”, “Brave Challenge” and “War Room”. It is based on the book of Ephesians. It will be released on August 23. Among the protagonists is Priscila Shirer, protagonist of “War Room” and “I can only imagine”. This film is about the value of knowing your own identity.

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