Jotta A asks the church for forgiveness

The evangelical singer Jotta A, participated again in the program of Raul Gil. During his participation, he talked about how he managed to overcome the adversities found in his career after embarking on the world of music as a singer.

Jotta became known as a child for his impressive voice in the “Talent Kids” contest a few years ago. From that moment, Jotta decided to start her career as an evangelical singer.

After a few years, the singer became involved in different controversies that strongly affected his musical career as a Christian. In two cases he was accused of using drugs in a video where allegedly he is seen consuming narcotics along with the singer Daniela Araújo, who also went through very complicated moments in her career and personal life when consuming chemical dependents. Daniela went through a long process of detoxification and impressively everything changed and she returned to the top, resuming her career and going back to what she once was.

The young singer Jotta, for his part, disappeared for a long time without us knowing his whereabouts as an artist. He said during his participation in the program that he had been living in Colombia. He also took advantage of the moment of the program to assume again his past mistakes and ask once again his followers and his church for forgiveness, affirming that he has returned to the faith. Jota said:

I went to Colombia because a man, when I was seven years old, prophesied that God would take me to the nations, and that same man today is my pastor. I moved to Cúcuta, in Colombia, to be close to my church, be pastored and really have a Christian life in Jesus.

The singer said he did not give up on restarting and face his problems face to face:

I, José Antônio failed. More I say the following, there is a way to restart, but not to start again expecting something in return, but to start again being sincere and true with God and to be close to the people who really want good for me, who really are close to God.

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  1. God forgives us every time no matter our mistakes. Because he loves us.but it’s up an individual to accept his/her mistakes and only ask god to strengthen has so much temptation. Like the bible scripture says.adam and eva disobeyed God. He gave them land to take care of everything that is in it.but they sinned. But god still forgave them. He still gave mercy to live.but things were not the same anymore. Every thing they had .become a struggle. So we have Adam and eva in us.thats how the world is today.everything is not easy.

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