Trusting God in difficult times

All of us as believers go through raw and bitter moments. Today I will tell you a raw moment that I could live on February 14, 2016.

After going to visit my family in Spain and Holland, I returned to my country (Dominican Republic) on February 14, next I was accompanied by a lady I did not know and we were talking and suddenly there was great turbulence on the plane, but it was not any turbulence, since I had already traveled on several planes and had never experienced anything like it. Those turbulences did not last only minutes but they remained for a long time and many people there began to tremble and cry, including the person who accompanied me, who also cried with great regret.

Honestly that was a time when many thought that they would not reach their destination. I could see how everyone had such anguish on their faces, the flight attendants ran from one place to another. It was a very difficult experience, but through this I could realize that my trust in God overcomes all the dangers. At that moment I did not cry, I did not tremble, but I cried out to God and thanked Him for everything, because I know that God is faithful at every moment and his faithfulness surpasses our dangers, our afflictions and any difficult moment we have in our lives.

Many times we question God for the things that happen. We have not been called to question the Creator. He knows the why of things and we must be satisfied with what He allows in His infinite mercy. Maybe that plane could have fallen that day, but I assure you that I think like Paul: “For me, to die is gain”.

But I thank God that at every crucial moment of my life He has been there and I have relied on Him and not on my own strength and as long as I have life I hope in some way to contribute something to this gospel of Christ.

May your trust in God never fail you.

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